Amy and Tony Body and Soul

Whom the Gods Love

By: - Mar 15, 2016

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Amy and Tony Body and Soul

Whom the gods love
Last session
Amy Winehouse
Just twenty seven
Awed by the master
Raspy voiced
Tony Bennett
Spanning generations
Irony that he survived
To swing another day
While by then
Ravaged by love
Flesh ripped from bones
Everyone wanted a
Piece of her
Skittish and scared
Running on vapors
Stepped back
Devastated at
Messing the take
Confidence collapsed
Ready to bolt
Gently he nursed her
Through it
After a pause
Another try
Wrenched up from
Blues from
Lower depths
Shattering sound
Ninth circle
Bottom of hell
Body and soul
Harrowing glimpse
Of that session
From the documentary
Breaking down
Edge of collapse
She told him
With laser honesty
I've never done this before
Don't think I can
There with her idol
Artist she worshiped
Grew up on
Reaching back
One more time
Whiffing chin music
Brushing back Tony
Leaning inside
Braced for high heat
Rock steady
Solid foundation
Took his cut
Her passion
Clinging to his
Coaxing greatness
The best from her
Staggering the senses
Paparazzi flames
A fragile Phoenix
Broken bird
Trampled by fame
Reborn in our
Hearts and minds
Tony said
She was really a great jazz singer
A true jazz singer
And I regret that
Because that's the 'right way' to sing