Mother by Kelsey Shultis at Eclipse Gallery

New Paintings and Works on Paper

By: - Mar 15, 2024

by Kelsey Shultis
New Paintings and Works on Paper
April 5th - 27th
Opening reception April 5th
6 pm - 8 pm
Eclipse Mill Gallery
243 Union St. North Adams, MA 


Nature. Source. Sanctuary. Shadow. Acceptance. The paintings of Mother explore the diverse aspects of Motherhood, from the Divine Feminine to the Kitchen Witch.

Artist Statement: 

Through her sculptural paintings, Kelsey Shultis explores and develops the parts of herself she doesn't yet know, inviting the viewer along on her journey.  Her inner landscapes are frequented by abandoned houses, goddesses, moss, goats, rainbows, dark forests, demons, mermaids, pet rabbits, witchcraft, and her young son.  Shultis's work is guided by principles rather than logic, she asks the painting to reveal itself rather than impose meaning or thought onto it.  Precisely because her work is created so intuitively, the viewer's unconscious is equally affected as their eye.  All her work has the immovability of landscape, yet, despite its stillness, hums with the same vibration of a living form. 

 Trekking with her through her personal inner landscapes is no light affair. While the works themselves are ostensibly suitable for a childhood nursery, Shultis's iconography radiates a haunted innocence.  And because her work is so achingly personal, the viewer is prompted to draft their own inner map.  What haunts me?  What do I yearn to keep?  What fills me with wonder?  Because Shultis answers those questions with wrenching honesty in each one of her pieces, the viewer feels in kind the safety to honestly populate their own internal world.