Jimi Hendrix RIP and Read

Me and the Devil Traveling Side by Side

By: - Mar 16, 2016


Jimi Hendrix RIP and Read

Exquisite corpses
Dead so young
Just 27
Both in London
Amy Winehouse
Jimi Hendrix
Decades apart
Similar drift
Total genius
Burned at both ends
Out out brief candle
Came over the wire
RIP and read
News flash
Landed on my desk
Boston Herald Traveler
1970 Rookie Year
Writing obits
First Al Wilson
Jim Morrison
Bathtub in Paris
How poetic
Covered Joplin's last gig
Harvard Stadium
Followed by riots
Overdosed not long after
Recently another binge
Swing of
Grim Reaper
Talking 'bout my generation
Bowie, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson
Comes in bunches
So it seems
My age more or less
Plus or minus 75
Keith of the Stones
Still standing
Against all odds
The Living Dead
Thinking of Jimi
Saved that wire
Stuck in a folder
All these years
Yellowed with time
Not meant to last
Not Fade Away
Who needs
Yesterday's newspapers
Mick asked
Me I guess
Thinking back to
Cheetah in the '60s
Hangin' out
Curtis Knight and the Flames
Broadway soul band
Nothing special
Mustang Sally
Fake leopard skin shirts
Frederick's of Hollywood
Back stage Curtis said
You guys be out front tonight
Turning Jimi loose
All those licks
Lightning struck
Branded by memory
Photographer Gerry Berkerey
My mentor and I
Visited fleabag flop house
Front desk yelled out
Jimi you got guests
Oddly shy
Fishy handshake
Street clothes
We gave him our pictures
Long since lost
Known then as
Jimi James
Left for London
In a Village pad
House of Blues
Good smoke
Lava lamps
Rich hippy
Gerry Sherman
College pal
Lives in Amsterdam
Had all the new sounds
High as a kite
Wacky weed
In the dark of night
Fresh vinyl
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Knew that guitar
Listened intently
Studied the cover
Could it be
Gone Mod
The same dude
Electric Ladyland
Changed everything
Like Robert Johnson
Me and the Devil
Was walking side by side
You may bury my body, ooh
down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
can catch a Greyhound bus and ride
Irony that
The last Hendrix gig
Boston Garden
Never happened
Ashes to ashes
Lust to dust