Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder

Blind Faith at Yankee Stadium

By: - Mar 21, 2016


Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder

Infield bandstand
Press passes
Up close
Yankee Stadium
Soundblast '66
Odd program
Opened with
Kid stuff
The McCoys
Can't remember
Strictly filler
Beach Boys
Well OK
Surfer Girl
Sloop John B
Coming to Tanglewood
This summer
Dino rock
Playing Pet Sounds
Brian's masterpiece
The Byrds
Wicked cool
David Crosby
Wearing a cape
Wandering around
Second base
Soul with
The Marvelettes
Up Tight
Everything's All Right
Little Stevie Wonder
Just sixteen
Totally awesome
Grand slam
Dragged off stage
Kicking and screaming
Blowing harmonica
Fading away
Leaving them hungry
One blind brother
Followed by another
Ray Charles anchored
Rocked the stadium
Closing with sing-along
Let's Get Stoned
Reefer madness
Dense cloud over
House that
Ruth built
Over time
Roles reversed
Stevie soared
Reaching ever higher
Still outasight
Charles slid
Off the cliff
Drugs and dames
That late gig
Summer music tent
Phoned it in
Shuck and jive
For squares in
Leisure suits
Rubes in the burbs
Never noticed
Slice and dice
For Patriot Ledger
Broke my heart
Covering decline
Of a giant
Genius of Soul
Down so low