Jazz Singer Betty Carter

Digging on Scatology

By: - Mar 22, 2016

Betty Bop

Jazz singer
Betty Carter
Queen of scat
Betty Bop
Pulled and stretched
Lyrics bounced around
More moves than
Harlem Globetrotters
Trick shots
Fiddled and diddled
Three pointers
Half court zingers
Standards sliced and diced
Bobbing and weaving
Fade away jumpers
Started with Satchmo
The Hot Five
Heebie Jeebies
Claimed he forgot
Made it up
The great imposter
Inventor of jazz
Told Alan Lomax
Why I myself
Mr. Jellyroll Morton
Did indeed invent
Scat singing
Piano man in a cat house
Down in New Orleans
What does scat mean
Lomax asked
Library of Congress
Why scat ain't nothin'
But what gives a song
Some flavor
Kindah like this
Diddidah doo
Dewop scaddah wham
If you'ze hip
To the jive