London Calling

March Madness

By: - Mar 25, 2016

London London

London Calling

Spring break
St. Patrick's Day
Given the dissent
Odd to be Irish
Through decent
In London
Tory town
Hotel room
Over the pub
Roaring celebration
Switched rooms
Upgraded actually
To a suite
Kids setting off
Alarms all night
Outside until
All clear
Steps from
West End
Week of theatre
Separate seats
From the concierge
Sold out
Mama Mia
Fiona Shaw
Riveting in
Plays each day
Tour of city
On top of bus
Blustery and raw
Astrid bundled
Just face
Poking out
Elgin Marbles
British Museum
Lunch in the Crypt
St. Martin in the Fields
Tea overlooking
Trafalgar Square
Clogged with pigeons
And anarchists
Club kids
Girls near naked
Cavorting about
To their mortality
Spirit of Elvis
Hovering in
Ever merry
Picadilly Circus
Send in the Clowns
Night air
Luring us back
Across the pond
For a pint
Creamy hefty ale
At a Young's pub
When they close
Early last call
So very British
Fish and chips
Park bench
With a friend
Following a crawl
Wild times
Bachelor days
Glorious youth
Just a haze
Lost in
London's fog