Blossom Dearie

Pixie Voiced Cabaret Singer

By: - Mar 26, 2016


Pixie Voiced Cabaret Singer

Blossom Dearie
That incredible name
So perfect for
Such a fragrant
Skipping lightly
Through a tulip field
Hip and playful
Lyrics with an edge
Shockingly sophisticated
A tad off color
All the more astonishing
From such a wispy
Girlish voice
Best consumed
Up close and personal
Debonair setting
Supper clubs
Master of cabaret
Asked her about
Legendary King Pleasure
Such a mystery
Greatest of all
Scat singers
Super fly
1952 duet
Iconic tune
Moody's Mood for Love
Perfect synergy
Hot and cool
Sweet and sour
Rare opportunity
One who was there
Actually knew him
Not much was
Disappointing answer
Just hired for session
Made jazz history
Pleasure just slithered
Into the mist
Fog of time