Zoot Sims

Hipster's Schmatta Stigmata

By: - Mar 26, 2016

zoot Zoot Zoot often toured with Al Cohn.

Zoot Sims

Melancholy tenor
Lowdown swing
Cruising upper register
Stretching out
Rusty tone
Hint of blackberries
Earthy acidity
Lingering on the palate
Tasty chops
Switching to alto
Occasional soprano
Woody Herman Band
Second Herd
Legendary horn section
Four brothers
Three tenors
Zoot, Steward and Getz
Blue Serge
Strung out
On baritone
Bop charts
Zoot Sims
Partnered with
Tenor Al Cohn
Or Mulligan
Baritone like
Boston's Chaloff
From Brothers
Club dates
Lulu White's
Ray Santisi
House piano
Pickup combos
Hanging with Ron
Guest on his
Music America
Passing through
Della Chiesa
Went deep
With those cats
Moody indigo
Shades of black
Dark as night
Deep inside
Where jazz
Knows no color
Other than
Down and dirty
Soiled by life
Beat man
On the road
Veronica's rag
Wiping away
Blood, sweat and tears
Hipster's stigmata