Giverny Goes Pop

Monet's Lily Pond

By: - Apr 01, 2016


Giverny Goes Pop

Rural Giverny
Monet's retreat
Eyes failing
Painting his
Lily pond
Vast panoramas
Evoking abstraction
Pushing impressionism
Once avant-garde
To its limits
Anchored to
The observed
Truth to nature
Last gasp
Of Ruskin
Lived beyond
Picasso and cubism
Changing everything
Still they joked
Not Monet but Money
Absurdity of success
After squalor
Struggle of youth
When Camille died
Here reconfigured
If you will
That shimmering pond
Rich in color
Reflections of water
Now contained
As it were
By pop
Of public opinion
Moving forward
Into the beyond
At warp speed