Storyville Pianists

Crescent City Professors

By: - Apr 01, 2016

Storyville Storyville Storyville

Storyville Pianists

New Orleans
Delta Lady
Confluence of cultures
French, Spanish, Indian, Black, Creole
Red light district
Where jazz was born
Cat house pianists
Rambled tunes
Jelly Roll Morton
First to stir the pot
Gumbo from classical
To ragtime
Down and dirty
Filthy and foul
Skin deep
Yet elegant
The Pearls
One such gem
Passed along
Fats Domino
Found his thrill
On blueberry hill
From R&B to
Rock & Roll
Direct line to
Professor Longhair
Then titubating
Gris Gris
Dr. John tickling
Ebony and ivory
Iko iko, iko iko unday
Jockomo feeno ah na nay
Jockomo feena nay
Right Place Wrong Time
Produced by hitmaster
Allen Toussaint
Rocking the French Quarter
Where every day
Dawn to dusk
Is Mardi Gras