Little Sister Getting Older

By: - Apr 03, 2015



Mom got real fat
Huge bloated belly
Thought she was sick
Needed her tummy tapped
Dad woke Jo and me
April 5, 1949
You have a new sister
How did it happen
That summer
Older girl
At Lighthouse Beach
First viewing
Asked what I thought
Looks like a fish
Living doll
Mean older brother
It slipped
Got over that
During family gatherings
With cousin Ellen
Examined Dennis
Their patient
In mom's office
Cambridge neighbors
Dinner once a week
Pesto and pasta
Frequent date
Covering rock concerts
Crush on singer Peter Wolf
Lived in my building
Peter this is Pip
Pip this is Peter
Years in the Orient
Buddhist vegetarian
Infuriated Dad
His little girl
Finding her way
Married Yuri
Had Sarah the sailor
Another life with the
Global travel
Recently Cambodia
Staying in touch
Lots of laughs
Deep discussions
Best friends
For life