Chuck Berry

Outlaw Rock 'n' Roll

By: - Apr 03, 2016


Chuck Berry

In and out of the slammer
Various beefs
Three years as a teen
Armed robbery
Later the Mann Act
Jail bait
Crossed the line
With groupies
Pushing 90
Chuck Berry
Iconic rock standards
Chicago's famous
Chess Records
Solid gold in 1955
Teen Idol
American Bandstand
Doing the Duck Walk
Way before Michael
Same thing
In reverse
Tons of hits
Johnny B. Goode
Every garage band
Knew his licks
Hired them
On the road
Demanded cash
Counted the money
Before going on
More like rehearsals
Now and then
Special occasions
All star backing
Everyone jamming
On to the next gig
Greyhound bus
Just the man
And his guitar
Busted again
Did time
For tax evasion
Cash and carry
Bad luck
Can't cheat
The man
Live and learn
What the heck
Roll Over Beethoven
Tell Tchaikovsky
To fuck off