Pianist Teddy Wilson

Benny Goodman to Billie Holiday

By: - Apr 04, 2016

Teddy Wilson

Pianist Teddy Wilson

Elegantly understated
Melodic lines
Pianist Teddy Wilson
With vibes of Lionel Hampton
Charlie Christian on guitar
Integrated Benny Goodman's band
Intermission trio joining
Benny and drummer Gene Krupa
Then quartets with Hamp
Top of the heap
Depression years
Benny was the
King of Swing
Not nice
To his sidemen
That crown
Went to his head
Teddy talked about him
With acerbic patois
Rough side to
Smooth manner
After famous
1938 Carnegie Hall concert
Legendary performance
Krupa wailing
Driving the band
Sing Sing Sing
Lester leaping in
First for jazz
Guests artists
All stars from
Duke and Count
End of an era
Band broke up
Gene, Hamp, Teddy, Harry
Fronted their own bands
War ended that
Teddy made records
Many best sellers
Memorable sessions
Backing Billie Holiday
Her singular accompanist
That was long ago
Well before
We caught his gigs
In residence
Months at a time
Switching off with
Dave McKenna
Copley Plaza Hotel
Hanging with Ron
Who knew them well
There was melancholy
Giant playing
Cocktail piano
Standards for squares
Getting juiced
On the make
Too much of an edge
Daunting gap
Black in white America
Even though
Overcame barriers
That destroyed
His soul mate
Lady Day
Expressed in
Poignant music
They shared
God Bless the Child