Four Evenings of Favorite Poems

North Adams Public Library

By: - Apr 05, 2012

Thurs. April 12 is the 1st evening of a new series of poetry readings : 'Shakespeare as You Like It' !

Four Evenings of Favorite Poems:     
N. Adams Public Library 6-7:30 pm

April 12 -  Shakespeare As You Like It
"All the world's a stage...."
Dust off favorite sonnets, soliloquies. speeches, asides or verse penned by or about the Bard to share at our revels.

April 26 -  Wit and Whimsy

From nursery rhymes to Edw. Grorey or Lewis Carroll; from Ogden Nash, Edw. Lear, T.S. Eliot or Dr. Seuss, regale us with poetic wit. Be 'brillig.'

May 10 -   Puzzling Poetry
Are poems like people? Can you love them even if you don't understand them? We  say, Yes. Bring a puzzling poem and explore why enigmas grab us.

May 24 -  Poetry As Song
Lyric poetry and, well, lyrics! Explore ancient poetic lyric expression and celebrate, too,lyricists of the American Songbook. Bring a lyric to recite or sing!

Bring a poem to read aloud or speak from memory at a gathering on poetry's power to transform.

Inspired by Kim Rosen's book 'Saved by a Poem' and Robert Pinsky's 'The Favorite Poem Project'

*The only rule: Poems are NOT to be readers' poems or written by friends or relatives, but poems that readers have read, perhaps many times, and feel attached to.  Or just come to listen.