Janis Joplin's Last Gig

Harvard Stadium, August 12, 1970

By: - Apr 05, 2016

Janis Joplin's Last Gig

Rock star
Janis Joplin
Texas blues belter
Hanging in Frisco
Performed live
August 12, 1970
At Harvard Stadium
Packed to the gills
Not long after
October 4
To be exact
Stone cold dead
Nodded out on smack
Smashed her face
Nose broken
Shoved into her brain
What a way to go
Kids were restless
That summer
Revolution in the air
Street fighting man
Concert series
Meant to take edge off
Not really dude
As things turned out
Show was late
Something about
Stolen equipment
Me in hippy gear
Stoked like the crowd
Reefer madness
Covering for the
Boston Herald Traveler
Straight gig
Old Yankee rag
Janis was swigging
Southern Comfort
Her Mother Courage
Fans getting restless
Burst on stage
Raunchy ad lib
About getting stoned
Turning tricks
Bootleg LP
Caught it all
Short set
Just eight songs
Tell Mama
Half Moon
Mercedes Benz
My Baby
Full Tilt

Left them hungry
Just a taste
Streaming out
Raising hell
Fans trashed
Harvard Square
Bricks through
Plate glass windows
Striking a blow
For freedom
Wrote one of several
Rock obits
Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin
Looking back
At wasted youth
Anthems for
Rows of names
Purple Haze
Vietnam Memorial
Turbulent days
When nothing seemed
Right with the world