Lin Manuel Miranda

Hip Hopping Hamilton

By: - Apr 05, 2016

Hamilton Hamilton

Lin Manuel Miranda

Between matinee and evening
Throngs mob outside
Frenzy for
Get this
A musical about
The Founding Fathers
Toughest ticket
On Broadway
American history
Can you dig it
Ron Chernow's biography
From page to stage
Alexander Hamilton
Bastard mullato
From a tiny island
Who shaped a nation
Epic battles not just
With the British
But Jefferson
Slave owner from Virginian
As were most presidents
Until Lincoln
Shot down
Across the river
At dawn
Weehawken, New Jersey
July 11, 1804
Killed by Aaron Burr
Schemer and intriguer
By default
Jefferson's Vice President
Brilliant hip hop musical
Genius of Lin Manuel Miranda
Bringing street music
American vernacular
Outsider art
Into the mainstream
Changing the landscape
Flowers blooming
Reaching up
From a rich compost
That fertile underculture
Yet again spawning
Unique expressions
Music and dance
Making us think
About the dude on
Ten dollar bills
Right now
How ironic
It takes a lot of
Hamiltons to see
Hottest show on