Pianist Chick Corea

Pushing the Limits

By: - Apr 05, 2016

Chick Corea

Pianist Chick Corea

Local kid
Chick Corea
From Chelsea
Miles at Harvard Stadium
Summer of 1970
Gone fusion
After Bitches Brew
Later that week
Gig at funky
Lennie's on the Turnpike
Route One roadhouse
Same group
Young Michael Henderson
Ostinato bass
Jack DeJohnette drums
Gary Bartz horns
John McLaughlin guitar
Sitting in
Later Mahavishnu Orchestra
Left and right
Two Fender electrics
Keith Jarrett and
Chick Corea
After the set
Hanging with Miles
He asked me
Who to get rid of
Keith or Chick
Can't keep them both
He stuck with Keith
That amazed me
Particularly as
Years passed
Corea so productive
Different phases and forms
Return to Forever
The richly flavored
My Spanish Heart
Duets with
Herbie Hancock
And other masters
Festival dates
Often paired with
Gary Burton
Always fresh
Inventive and new
Uniquely stinging sound
Piano morphed like guitar
Pushing the limits
Grounded in swing
Always wondered
Why that night
Miles fired him