Spirit Boat

Hatshepsut Pharaoh/ Queen

By: - Apr 06, 2016



Spirit Boat

Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt
Fifth Pharaoh of Dynasty XVIII
New Kingdom
1507–1458 BC
Reigned for
Twenty-two years
Mostly at peace
Expanded trade
Mission to Punt
Land of the fat queen
Here enthroned
Spirit boat
Barge on the Nile
Bound by papyrus
Vessel riddled
Slings and arrows
Assault of enemies
Among many afflictions
Bone cancer and diabetes
Carcinogenic ointments
Terrible suffering
This greatest among
Ancient women
Prolific builder
Deir el Bahri
Terraced temple
Exotic gardens
Now sand and dust
So many sculptures
Both male pharaoh
In all guises
As well as
Fair faced queen
Body soft and feminine
Daunting paradox
Reviled by successors
Name and titles
Chiseled from cartouches
Painstaking restored
Chronicles of kings