Britain's T. Rex

Marc Bolan's American Pratfall

By: - Apr 08, 2016

Marc Bolan's Pratfall

Touted as bigger
Than the Beatles
T. Rex
Glam-rocker Marc Bolan
Mickey Finn on percussion
Early 1970s
Eleven top- ten British hits
T. Rextasy they called it
Set to storm America
Hyped as second coming
Big time PR firm
Shuffled us in and out
Fifteen minutes each
Media face time
Me and the other lads
Warned to be nice
To Marc he being
So sensitive poetic and
First night of tour
Boston gig
Press en masse
Poised for rock history
Curtain parted
Marc hopped on stage
Hit a chord
Skip and flourish
Bang a Gong (Get It On)
Fell flat on his ass
Brutal reviews
Tour bombed
Band slipped off charts
Marc and girlfriend
Wrapped short
Around tree
Way too young
British rocker
Exquisite corpse
Dead as that
Dinosaur T. Rex
All teeth
Frightful beast
Hic transit