Buddy Rich

Marching to a Different Drummer

By: - Apr 08, 2016


Buddy Rich

Flashing huge chops
Enormous bebop grin
Buddy Rich
Masterful drummer
Oozed duende
As critic George Frazier
Would say
Slumped on a couch
Tiny cramped
Dressing room
Lennie's on the Turnpike
Latest talk of
Johnny Carson
Perennial guest
Tonight Show
Lennie launched
Another host
Local kid
Doing standup
Jay Leno
Buddy in skivvies
Towel for sweat
Between sets
Always good copy
Covering his gigs
Fronting a big band
Takes bread, balls, charisma
Buddy had it all
Greatest drummer
Of his day
Some say
Challenge from
Max Roach
Winner takes all
Such finesse
Driving the band
Out there
Pirate and highwayman
Moving the sticks