Duh Ramones

Hey Ho Lets Go

By: - Apr 09, 2016

Ramones Ramones Ramones Ramones Ramones Ramones Ramones

Duh Ramones

Motorcycle jackets
Torn jeans
Punk rockers
America's Sex Pistols
Four guys from
Forest Hills, Queens
Not related
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy
Gabba Gabba Hey
Fed up with rock
Too commercial
Back to basics
One, Two, Three, Four
Hey Ho Let's Go
Straight ahead
Short sets
Two minute songs
Like it used to be
Those 45's
Singles they loved
Grew up on
Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry
Knew four chords
Slammed them home
Blistering speed
Blitzkrieg Bop
No fancy stuff
Joey in a stance
Choking the mike
Endless gigs
Downtown scene
Max's and CBGB's
Twenty years
Constant touring
Never chart busters
Adored by critics
Tons of albums
Couple of films
Even that monster
Phil Spector
Got a piece of them
Wall of sound
Like the Ronettes
Put a gun to Joey's head
Spector offed his
What a creep
End of the Century
Biggest near hit
Johnny debunked it
Not the real Ramones
Fights and feuds
Band members
Came and went
Shuffled in and out
Final show
August 6, 1996
Not long after
No easy retirement
By 2001 three dead
Tommy in 2014
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
Some say
Next to the Beatles
Greatest rock band
Of all time
No shit