PIll Popping

No More Wake and Bake

By: - Apr 09, 2016

Pill Popping

No more
Wake and Bake
Red Sox Pitcher
Bill Lee
Blew World Series
Eephus pitch
Retired Tony Perez
Twice wiff-boom
Not third time
Way back, way back
Put pot on
His corn flakes
Six pills each morning
No buzz though
Just staying alive
Wake and bake
Long gone
Not a toke in
Twenty years
One month after
Meeting Astrid
Love of  my life
Not so with
Jeff's 24/ 7
Reefer madness
Extolling merits
Medical marijuana
Coming soon to
Your hood
Thanks pal
But no thanks
Prefer a fine
Single malt
After a busy day
Nights spent
Grooving on
Grateful Dead
Remembrance of
Things past
Clean and
Kindah sobah