Great American Songbook

Liza, Feinstein and Cook

By: - Apr 12, 2016

Song Song Song Song Song song Michael Feinstein and Barbara in Carmel, Indiana. Song Song Song

Great American Songbook

More than a century
Broadway Musicals
Those great shows
South Pacific
King and I
Sound of Music
My Fair Lady
West Side
To mention a few
Standards of
Great American Songbook
Archived now
Performing Arts Center
Carmel, Indiana
Initiative of Michael Feinstein
Preserving a legacy
In the vaults
Live on stage
Magnificent theater
Sweet voiced
Barbara Cook
Now in her 80's
Joined him
Giving new meaning
To Sondheim
Up close and personal
Sharing insights
Sweeping us
Back in time
At Tanglewood
That summer
Liza took the train
Up from the Apple
Invited on stage
Another senior
Belted out
That anthem
New York New York
If you can make it there
You can make it anywhere
Thrilling audiences
Enriching a heritage
So full of Americana
No business
Like show business
The Great White Way