Al the Arab

Hipster Wizard

By: - Apr 15, 2016

Al Al Al Al AL Al Al Al Al

Al the Arab

Cardoso pulled up
Boosted short
Cool crib
Speedway Avenue
Out popped
Al the Arab
Full grown
From the head of Zeus
So called for
Levantine aspect
May not have been
Yanoff says
Probably Armenian
Or Lebanese
Ever impeccable
Fastidious in detail
Never any bread
Lived on air
Kindness of strangers
Hipster wizard
Master chemist
Ether to O
Wicked hash
Artist and musician
Conjured on his
Gypsy music
Great pains with
His lid
Steamed and creased
Just so
Wisps of hair
Tucked under
Spanish boots
Kicks neatly polished
Sorcerer's apprentice
Particularly the language
Exotic ergot
Astonishing patois
Rolling off the tongue
Transformed my
Bourgeois vocabulary
Subway a rattler
Endless talks of'
Art and music
Crafty inventions
Labored over
Device for violin
Relief of pressure
Distorting neck
Kept breaking
Repaired teeth
Epoxy and tinfoil
Back on holiday
Christmas season
Al holding court
Crystal ball
On pedestal
Surrounded by lights
Twinkling in the night
Hand laid on
Uttering oracles
Then a laugh
More like a chortle
Not so funny when
Pounders knocked
Down the door
On the lam
Down and out
Lower East Side
Neighbor and mate
Walked mean streets
Me sanguine paced
Al berating
You're race horsing me
He the thoroughbred
Prancing prince
Led to the gate
Lost track of him
Back in Southie Projects
Off the radar
With his Mom
No marker
Pauper grave
These words
As monument
Now shade in
Gonzo heaven
Hipster's inferno