Artist Rafael Mahdavi

School of Paris

By: - Apr 17, 2016

Mahdavi Mahdavi Mahdavi Mahdavi Mahdavi

Artist Rafael Mahdavi

Living with art
Giant dog in bedroom
Scratched and scored
Braille painting
Multinational artist
Colleague and friend
Rafael Mahdavi
Marais studio
Planning exhibition
Unstretched cavases
Laid out on floor
Selecting works
Rolled in a tube
Carry on to Boston
We built stretchers
Two exhibitions
Large paintings
Suffolk University
Works on paper
The French Library
Ambitious project
International art
On tiny budget
Sight Unseen
Shipped back in tube
As table cloths
Fed Ex with
Minimal insurance
Avoiding absurd customs
How things are done
Changes since then
Metal sculptures
Created on his farm
Rural France
Now retired
From Parsons
More time to work