Amalfi Coast

To Catch a Thief

By: - Apr 18, 2016


Amalfi Coast

From Sorrento
Bus to Amalfi
Twist and turn
High on narrow cliffs
To Catch a Thief
Classic Hitchcock film
Safer to watch than
Spectacular landscape
Vertigo vistas
Views of crystal
Azure Mediterranean
Arrayed below
Quite dizzy
When we got off
Staggered to
End of pier
Thrust into
Calm sea
Looking back
Lush mountains
Looming over
Coastal city
On the Riviera
Where romance
Princess Grace
Elegant starlet
Philadelphia Main Line
Quit Hollywood
For tiny Monaco
Along the coast
Drove off the cliff
Daughter survived
Plunged to the sea
Like Icarus
Soaring aloft
Flights of fancy
Fame melted wings
Too close to
Scorching sun
Apollo morphed
Into Dionysus