Brandenburger Tor

When the Circus Came to Town

By: - Apr 20, 2016


Brandenburger Tor

Heart of Berlin
From a balcony
Apartment of
Horst and Bettina
Astrid's actor cousin
Brandenburger Tor
Not far
To the right
Below day and night
Cirque de Soleil
Colorful tents
Evening strolls
Past unmarked
Cemented shut
Führer Bunker
Last days of
Third Reich
Married Eva Braun
Double suicide
Red Army
Rolling in
Now Holocaust
Over grim
Last stand
Great city
Divided by Wall
In the distance
Cranes towered
Over Alexanderplatz
Booming when
Next we visited
Circus had
Folded its tents
Couldn't afford
The rent
Where refugees
Now camp
Yet another war