Royal Flush

Grouse Hunting at Balmoral

By: - Apr 21, 2016


Royal Flush

Some eight years younger
Prince Charles
Always seemed like
My little brother
Shared a name
Over the years
Frequent companion
Shade of night
Grouse hunting
Roaming highlands
We in kilts
He the regal tartan
Mine more garish
Traditional weave
Sicilian colors
The Queen's corgis
Nipping our heels
Then back at
Balmoral Castle
Celebrating holidays
Single malt
Fit for a King
Served neat
Talk of art
And architecture
Mutual interests
Reviewed his daubs
For Art News
Any subject
Fair game
Diana and Camilla
Off limits
Curtains drawn
The royal bedroom
Recalling 1953
Grand coronation
Pomp and circumstance
Glued to TV
Just turned teenager
Recorded the event
Dad's dictaphone
Long lost
Seemed so epic
The years since
My pal now
Middle aged
Like me a senior
Waiting his turn
For trip to
With kitsch and souvenirs
Public persona
Royal mania
Diana to Kate
Adorable heirs
Popping out
Future king
Posed in short pants
Such folderol
So different from
Charles I know
So well
Shall we say
Loose and relaxed
Day's end
Darkest hours
Winding down
Reflecting on
Toil of doing
Absolutely nothing
With such