Eclipse Mill: Free Paint Party Sunday May 6

All Invited to Face the World – Global Portrait Party

By: - Apr 23, 2012

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Face the World – Global Portrait Party: Eclipse Mill Edition
Sunday, May 6th, from 2 -5 PM
243 Union Street - Eclipse Mill Gallery, 1st floor
North Adams, Massachusetts

Recently a group gathered for a test run of  Face the World – Global Portrait Party to be held, free and welcome to all, at the Eclipse Mill Gallery, 248 Union Street, in North Adams.

The event will be held on Sunday, May 6th from 2 to 5 PM.

The inspiration for the Global Portrait Party evolved through a dialogue between Eclipse Mill resident, Astrid Hiemer, and Canadian artist and Facebook friend, Carole Freeman and her project collaborator, Michael Bain.

Materials will be provided for up to forty participants but all are invited, particularly families. Even if you do not intend to paint please come, hang out, and enjoy light snacks.

As we soon found out individuals with varying degrees of skills were gathered around the table. Paper plates were used as palettes with a range of primary colors as well as white and black. Student grade brushes were passed around as we experimented on paper.

For the event 8x10” canvas panels, paper, pencils and acrylic paint will be provided. Participants may bring home their paintings. The panels are suitable for framing.

The theme of the gathering is to create a portrait of a Facebook friend. Participants are encouraged to bring an image of their friend to copy. It’s ok for individuals to bring their own materials if they prefer.

Some, as I did with my pal Phil, may opt to use their friends as live models. This proved to be a bit tricky as we were opposite each other and both intently focused on our paintings. I could only get him to look up and hold still now and then.

It was also the first time I held a paint brush in decades. But I was satisfied with the likeness I was able to capture during the session.

Several artists are volunteering to offer help with materials and basic instruction. The emphasis is more on the process and fun than striving for a finished work of art.

The Global Portrait Party promises to be a dynamic and fun event. The buzz is out and it will be the first Portrait Party outside of Canada including Facebook fans and Non Facebook Friends alike!

We are inviting: Community members, teachers, students. artists, their friends and family members to participate. You are welcome to come and enjoy the event even if you opt not to paint.

The first Global Portrait Party was organized by Freeman and Bain in Toronto last January. The Eclipse Mill Gallery event will be the first in what is intended as a series of international events.

Carole Freeman has been a painter for approximately 25 years and was inspired to paint many of her Facebook friends. She is a noted artist in Canada and exhibited almost 200 of her Facebook portraits in December – January this year at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto. ‘Friend Me Projects’ (FMP) also held the first ‘Global Portrait Party’ during the duration of the show, which was a wonderful event.

Previously Hiemer wrote about Friend Me Projects and the organization. Michael Bain plans to be present and discuss the charitable aspects of the ambitious global project.
We will ask permission to have the small paintings photographed at the party and will eventually upload the results to the ‘Friend Me Projects’ website.
Come to the Portrait Party and let’s celebrate friendship!