Napi's in Provincetown

Traditional Affordable Dining

By: - Apr 29, 2015


7 Freeman Street
Provincetown, Ma 02657
508 487 1145
Free Parking

Despite decades of visiting Provincetown this was out first visit to the renowned Napi's.

Many of the upscale bistros have New York level prices.

Meeting with our friend Chris Busa, who grew up in P'Town was asked for an affordable restaurant.

Driving together he guided us into the free parking lot behind the restaurant. In  crowded Provincetown that's a compelling reason to visit.

Joined by our artist friend, Jay Critchley, we were in for a delightful evening.

We were introduced to Napi, an avid collector, who dropped by the table to chat with Chris and Jay. There are works from his renowned collection with great depth in historical Provincetown artists. We noticed a fine work by Ross Moffett on the way to our table. Napi pointed out some of his other treasures.

There were tempting specials and I ordered the mussels with wine and garlic sauce served over linguini ($19). The succulent Cape mollusks were arranged around the plate forming a circle of sea food. It was a throughout satisfying meal.

I started with a cup of traditional Portuguese kale soup ($5.95 for a bowl $6.95). The day before we ordered it in a bar in Wellfleet. That was terribly disappointing. One expects decent kale soup in P' Town and the Napi's recipe was perfect. Just like I make it with lots of kale, beans and sausage. My only mistake was not going for a bowl for just a buck more.

Jay ordered the haddock ($22.95) in a traditional preparation as well as a small salad ($7.95) as a starter.

Astrid ordered the Chicken Dijon, breast of chicken with fresh mushroom white wine, tarragon, cream and fresh dijon mustuard, rice pillaf ($20. 95) "It was a mild sauce and quite nice over juicy chicken" she commented.

At $19.95 Chris ordered sliced steak with a sauce. It is the dish I would order the next time we surely return to Napi's.

With a great balance between tradition, decor, and moderately priced food Napis's proved to be a great option for a cozy evening with friends.