Common Irish Values

Them's the Breaks

By: - May 12, 2016

Common Irish Values

Spring morning bright with
shining grass
around Lane's Cove

Sun through
yellow tulip petals
dropping shadows

An hour on a flat rock
behind the wall
near his easel
with infrequently met Eddy
was in The Lorraine sleepin
when it burned down
lost two hundred paintings
didn't matter so much as
the people of Gloucester
were so giving gave each
thirty five hundred dollars
I gave a small truck bed
filled with winter clothes

My life to him his to me
Common Irish values
Chelsea and Cambridge

Joe Roderick said
When I broke my elbow
it didn't heal right
See these bumps?
My buddy was jumping
off his roof onto the porch
and I didn't have time
to pull my arm back
broke folded the wrong way
pieces of bone everywhere
They gimme a cast
but I cut it off
It was smelly
I was lobstering at the time
bait got in it

Can I play goal with
one arm?
Bubble Play!