Footsteps of Nugent Ancestors

By: - May 26, 2016

Time and Tide

Where Nugent ancestors
Founded vast clan
Beaver Dam Farm
Irish lads
Gift of gab
Colorful blarney
Town split from Gloucester
1840 the archivist said
Helping with research
Scant evidence
Bright Monday morning
Quiet for shops
Bearskin Neck
Sentimental art
Sagas of the sea
Depicted as kitsch
Not epic drama
Of Winslow Homer
Toilers of the deep
Now mostly lobster men
The ocean depleted
Global warming
No more mussels
Clinging to rocks
Now farm raised
Prince Edward Island
Water like glass
No breeze
Clear reflection
Motif Number One
Gawked at destination
Calendar pictures
Picturesque signifier
An actual lobster boat
Going about its business
Me clicking away
Like every rube
While my blood
Runs red in
Tranquil Sandy Bay