Re: Randolph Fuller and Opera Boston

By: - May 27, 2014

In a preview of the Boston 2014/15 opera season, published in Berkshire Fine Arts on April 26, 2014, I made an error in characterizing Randolph Fuller’s financial relation to Opera Boston. In the piece, I stated that Mr. Fuller "pulled the plug" on the organization before founding Odyssey Opera, which has scheduled a fascinating program of operatic rarities for the coming season. Mr. Fuller's lawyer Wm.Shaw McDermott of K&L Gates, LLP, stated in a letter sent to Berkshire Fine Arts that during the 2011/2012 season, Mr. Fuller in fact increased his level of donation for Boston Opera compared to any preceding year. I apologize for printing inaccurate information about Mr. Fuller's financial support for Boston Opera and I apologize personally to Mr. Fuller, whose generosity toward the performing arts in Boston is well-known, for any hurt he might have experienced reading it. In addition, I wish to correct any misimpression that Mr. Fuller controls the timing and artistic content of Odyssey Opera’s seasons; those decisions are made by Gil Rose, the company’s General  and Artistic Director, who, I understand, has complete authority in all these matters.