Trump's Name Game

Have You No Sense of Decency

By: - May 30, 2016

Name Game

The Donald
Whore of politics
Cheap tart
Rouged values
Sneer and snicker
Art of the steal
Put downs
One off zingers
Little Marco
Just killed him
Stopped in his tracks
Lying Ted
Ground to a halt
Master of marketing
Branding his enemies
Even our beloved
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Zapped as
Standing up to the bully
Now pathetic
Governor Bill Weld
So sad actually
Carrot headed wasp
As he was known
Outed as
An alcoholic
Dazed and confused
Loving Libertarians
How weird
Party of the Kochs
And ignorant oil
Mr. Comb Over
He of the amazing hair
Waving in the breeze
Like Union Jack
Stumping all things
Great about America
Finger pointing
You and I mate
Standing in his way
Flying high as eagles
Soaring over
This Land
Is Your Land
From Sea to
Shining see
Trump that muthah
Hey Buster Brown
Go live in a