Y Not Gourmet

Frugal Franny

By: - Jun 02, 2015


Y Not

Bought a nice chicken
At Big Y
Buck a pound
Sticker two dollars off
Paid three
Sunday dinner
In the oven at four
Slow roasted
Herbs de Provence
Basted with
Sauvignon Blanc
House wine from
Trader Joe
Cases each summer
Fresh and cheap
Rested the bird
Astrid the skilled
Saucier chef
Hens of the woods mushrooms
The reduced wine drippings
Carved half
Couple of nights later
The other side
Heated in the gravy
Rice and al dente broccoli
Carcass tomorrow's meal
Soup with stem of the mushrooms
Carrots and celery
Boiled nicely
Three and perhaps four meals
For the two of us
Living well
Dollar a day
Beating the odds
Having fun
Robert said
Daily dialogue
Arts and culture
Boulevardier and aesthete
My friend
Bucket list
You and I must dine
Three star Michelin restaurant
What would that cost
I asked
He has done it round the world
Other people's money
CBS expense account
Back in the day
Meals to die for
Exquisite service.
Trust me
It's worth it
Have to splurge now and then
Ok but
More then than now