First Kiss Fourth of July

By: - Jun 17, 2015




After the opening
Gallery Naga
Dinner on Newbury Street
Long since closed
Some twenty years ago
First date
Red haired Astrid
Evoking crush on Maureen O'Hara
Met at MIT
Administrator for CAVS
Under Otto Piene
What did you have in mind
She asked
Over pasta
Getting to the point
A relationship
Blurted out
Taken aback
With anyone in mind
Possibly mumbling
With you perhaps
There it was out of the bag
Strategy and cover blown
Casanova outed
Ma in Ispagna son già mille e tre
Chimed in Leporello
Walking to the subway
Her idea
Through the Gardens
Park Street
On a bench
Soft rain
Fourth of July
Homeless guys
Lighting firecrackers
Sparklers fizzing
Gentle first kiss
She took the train
To Weymouthport
Next few months
Cloud nine
Still floating