Family Business

Sons in the Great War

By: - Jul 24, 2015

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Family Business

Tavern in Gloucester
1910 or so
James Flynn
Married Josephine Nugent
Of the Rockport clan
They moved
Bars and hotels in Boston
Theatre district
Brigham’s Café
642 Washington Street
Silver Dollar Bar
Largest in the city
Shubert Tap
Next to the theatre
Clam supper
Just seventy five cents
All the fixings with
Dancing and Floor Show
No cover charge
Free lunch
Spittoons on the floor
The fighting Irish
Grandma dolled up at night
When he came home
Habit she stuck to
Summers tending to us
Rustic cottage at Red Gates
On Cape Ann
Kerosene stove
Chips from the
Block over his back
Brawny fellow
Trailed by kids
Before refrigerators
Ended his rounds
Amazed me after supper
Seeing her all dressed up
Makeup and perfume
After he was gone
She not that long later
Prohibition era
Running speakeasies
Legit booze
Smuggled from Canada
All good stuff
And kegs of beer
Paying off cops
The Great Depression
Brother can you spare a dime
Democrats for FDR
Two sons and son in law
Uncle Jimmy Sullivan
Battle of the Bulge
Helped take Berlin
Great War
Arthur later Judge Flynn
Setting up
Clubs for officers
Confiscating wine cellars
Appropriating villas
Running nightclubs
The family business
Uncle Brother
Landing planes
Based in England
Living well
Handsome in a uniform
Last to speak with
Joe Kennedy
Trying to guide him home
Ditched in the Channel
Years later on a plane
Told that to Senator Ted
Memories of
The Greatest Generation
Setting forth
To multiply