Freddy's Music Unlimited

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

By: - Jul 26, 2015

Freddy Freddy Freddy Freddy Freddy


Freddy's Music Unlimited

Fourth son
Youngest of seven
Bohemian and eccentric
Handsome when young
Actor during the WPA
Eva La Gallienne’s company
Crime and Punishment
On Broadway
Loved all things Russian
Particularly Dostoyevsky
Always had a book
Shoved in his pocket
Wild youth
Laughed that his pooch
Goofey knew
Running ahead off the leash
All the watering holes
With handsome patron
Sailed to Europe
Later breakdown
Under Dad’s care
Moved to lower end of
Beacon Hill
Opened record shop
Freddy’s Music Unlimited
In Newton Corner
Worked for him on Saturdays
Drove in his Renault
Picking up product
Small and easy to park
Tried to clean the shop
Displays out of season
RCA dog out front
Promo item stolen
Early TV in window
Drew crowds at night
Back then you listened
Before buying
Playing Sinatra’s
Young at Heart
First jazz albums for Christmas
Duke and Satchmo
Wore the grooves out
Store closed
All those music shops
Wiped out
By wholesalers
Joined a union
Proofreader for newspapers
Told me
Tough talk
If you want to be an artist
Learn a trade