The G

Witness for the Prosecution

By: - Jul 26, 2015


The G


That night

With poet Rene Ricard

On the town

Ended at the

Balloon Farm

St. Mark’s Place

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Velvet Underground

Gerard doing his whip dance

Lou and Nico

G published a book

On Velvets

Volumes of poetry

Nights at Max’s

Back room with Andy

Under the Flavin

Candy Darling vamping

Rene dancing on tables

Tight in leather pants

Later at Benno’s

In the Berkshires

Don Snyder took photo

Me and the G

Wearing multiple ties

Endless interviews

First one

Round the clock in NY

Cover of Art New England

Recently discussed

Julia the mother of Andy

About a show at Williams

Living in Hudson

So near yet far

With books and archives

We chat now and then

Working on his memoirs

Factory days

Art and poetry

How those leather pants

Don’t fit no more