That ‘70s Show

Mass Birthday Celebration in Sheffield

By: - Aug 03, 2015


That '70s Show

70 candles on the cake
Mass celebration
Hosted by Jim and Kathleen
Tent in the woods|
Blown away
Old and new hipsters
Generations in the Berkshires
Gathered in Sheffield
A bridge too far
I told Jim Jacobs
AKA Shango
Who insisted we come
Sent Jessie
Sprightly kid
Salad chef
Son of Rick and Laurie
Skinny and ripe
Handlebar mustache
Nicely waxed
Round trip from Pittsfield
Begged us to stay
An hour more
At least till end of set
Astrid dancing non stop
Last meeting of the clan
Many from the annual
Celebrations with
Benno and Stephanie
Just down the road
The venerable G
Leaning on a cane
In from Hudson
Driven to and fro
By Asako
Talk of a visit
Seeing Alan and Lynn
The brothers Jacob
Catching up
Comedies of errors
Bernie now into real estate
Dinky a rock legend
Took stars on tour
Couple from Miami
Lost at the airport
Staggered in
Late for Indian buffet
All those studs
Their rocker queens
Boogied late
Into the summer night