Last Days of Summer

By: - Aug 11, 2014

August August




Roman calendar

Honorific reference

Gaius Octavian


Herbs in abundance

Tomatoes again disappointing

Too cool and rainy

Invasives bursting and choking trees

Skeletons held up by vines

Environment out of whack

Pythons in the Everglades

Grim prognosis of expiring planet

Universe billions of years old

Ravaged from cave to now in just 30,000

Extinction generations away

Better gadgets and technology

Familiar late summer dread

Too soon back to work and school

Tripped up by glorious Indian Summer

Decline of natural heat and brilliant sun

Tipping into shorter days of winter

Preferring January actually

End of the Holidays

Reveling with sack and wassail

Feasting on fat roasted turkeys

Friends and family gathering

Girding for cold and gloom

Hunkered down with projects

Janus the two faced god

Gazing back on faded summer

Now lived but soon forgotten

Forward to the burst of spring

As Carson’s said

One day not long off silent