Beach Boys Surf Tanglewood

Fun Fun Fun on Monday, August 18th

By: - Aug 15, 2014


'God only knows’ that the Beach Boys have been around for 52 years. A couple of years ago, the group reunited with Brian Wilson and has been making music ever since. In fact, they schedule 150 concerts a year.

On Monday night, August 18th at 7pm, the legendary band will play their unique music style at the Shed at Tanglewood.

Tanglewood has pulled out all of the stops for the show. There will be a dance area on the lawn outside of the shed, volleyball nets near the rear of the lawn, beach balls will be dispersed for play throughout the concert and sand and beach motif will dress up Tanglewood. In fact, temporary Beach Boy tattoos will be handed out.

Sounds like an interesting evening, doesn’t it?

To top it off, ‘Pet Sounds’ will be heard as we all have ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ at Tanglewood.

The Beach Boys are known for their unique vocal harmonies—they’ve been doing it for over 50 years. A relative of mine attended the 50 year Anniversary tour concert of the Beach Boys at Hollywood Bowl and said the band sounded better than ever. The harmonies were spirited and exhilarating.

Ten years ago the Beach Boys played at Tanglewood. The concert was nostalgic for me and hopefully will be for you on Monday evening.

Tickets are $26-for the lawn and up to $56 inside the Shed. With the high concert rates of 2014, this concert is a true bargain.

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