Outside the Lines

No Rules for Making Art

By: - Sep 11, 2015

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Outside the Lines

I loved coloring
Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Santa Claus
During Christmas
Tacked up by the nuns
Taped to windows
Gold Stars
For the best ones
Never me
Always Shelia Murphy
Neat and clean
Inside the lines
Mine scribbled and frenzied
Blur of passion
Intoxicated by
Wax on paper
Took home a stack
From school
So proud of them
Walked up Beacon Street
To the Thorsens
Three daughters
One my age
At Mt. Alvernia Academy
For Catholic rich kids
Rare in Brookline
Rang the bell
Small vestibule
They weren’t home
Waited and waited
Had to pee
Did all over
Got scared
Mopped it up
With my drawings
Stuck to the walls
To dry
Finally went home
For supper
Leaving behind
First of many