Summer Camp

First Winona Then Loon Pond

By: - Sep 14, 2015



Summer Camp

Away from home
All alone
Just eight
Summer of 1948
Camp Winona
Denmark, Maine
For rich kids
Tent mates with
John Ladderback
Who I liked
Stephen Aikenhead
Bunked in with
Our counselor
Fresh air daily
Swimming in the lake
Canoe trips
Baseball which I hated
Hot and lonely
In the outfield
Then striking out
Archery was fun
Like Straight Arrow
My favorite on
Radio back home
Which I missed
Crossing the lake
Uncle Dick’s speedboat
Bottle of pop
At the small store
On the other shore
Orange Crush
So different
From Boy Scout camp
Loon Pond
With Troop 10
From Chestnut Hill
Few activities
To speak of
Tough kids
Taunted me
KP duty no
Summer of survival
Mom burned my
Dirty clothes
World of difference
First skirmishes of
Class struggle