Royal Pain

Childhood Encounter with the Duke of Windsor

By: - Sep 18, 2014


Royal Pain


A little squirt

With Mom, travel companion, Alice Moran

Older sister Josephine

Headed for a cruise of the Caribbean

Dinner at Mamma Leone’s

Before Broadway

Huge arrangement of celery and olives

In a bowl of ice

For starters

While perusing the enormous menu

Lobster fra diavolo

Over linguini

I liked lobster

It didn’t like me

Mom I don’t feel so good

Racing for the ladies’ room


Wiping out a large table

Projectile vomit

Sounds of mayhem following us

Gasping night air

Let’s go back to the hotel

You’ll be OK

Mom a doctor was always right


Orchestra seats for Brigadoon

See that man over there

Armed with program and pen

Ask for his autograph

Approaching reluctantly

Flanked by elegant ladies

In evening gowns

Smiling seductively

Adorable child

So I’m told

Please sir may I have your autograph

The Duke frowned imperiously

Wallace Simpson clutched his arm knowlingly

If you wish to have my autograph

Come tomorrow to my suite at the Waldorf Astoria

Where we were staying

I imagined soda and sweets

Tete a tete

Mom said with finality

You’re not going

Never explaining why