The Mooche

Duke, Buddy Rich, George Frazier

By: - Sep 18, 2014

duke Duke Duke


The Mooche



Uncle Brother

Took me to see the Duke

Huge fan

Storyville in Copley Square

Free copies of

Newport Jazz Festival catalogue

Prior summer

Beautiful photos


Walls arched black brown and beige

Floored by the big band sound

Mood Indigo

Awesome horn section

Opened with Take the A Train

Between sets

Introduced to Ellington

Trying to get him off the rock ‘n’ roll kick

Not true

Signed the cheap 10’ LP

Only one I had

Bought on sale in a drug store

Still have it

Years later returned the favor

Buddy Rich at Lennie's on the Turnpike

Legendary drummer fronting a band

Tiny dressing room

Buddy stripped to skivvies

Talked of Carson and the Tonight Show

Plans for Vegas

Elegantly dressed

George Frazier on the couch

Off the wagon

Globe columnist’s occasional mumble

Buddy listened


Respect for renowned critic

Dialogue bombed

Back to me

On the car home

Brother was thrilled

You cut Frazier

Last seen that night

Went on a bender


Weeks Later

At Locke Ober’s

For usual Finnan Haddie lunch