Assume the Position

By: - Sep 19, 2016


squat on fortyfive degree
feet echo the slant
of the granite
to the frog pond
with its tiny lily pads
on which dog sinks
rises muddy
needs a tub
in a bath room
other dog slides
in needs a tub

as boys leap
from block to block
around the frog
pond spy a twenty foot
sheer wall
have to go
through bloody trees
spiny vines climb
find a tent a camp fire site
a trap
which they javelin
to the frog pond
by reeds where third dog nests
thrusts her head through
to check

discover a cave
as big as
a living room
all the way to
spy on people
up Vernon's
lose the bicycle
amid the weave
of paths find Sata
finds the bicycle