Bermuda Triangle

By: - Sep 22, 2014


Easter Sunday

They fly kites in Bermuda

There for spring break

Brought the Modern Lovers

With Cambridge neighbor

Arthur Gallagher


Family hotel

With his mom drove to holiday celebration

Large house other end of island

Nice digs

Descendants of pirates and marooned criminals

The Colonies

Hostess eyeballed me in the kitchen

Gazing askance at hipster bandito

Long hair huge stash

Oh she said

In a Margaret Dumont manner

Me as Groucho

And where are your people from

Talked of Irish ancestors in Gloucester

The Nugent clan

Pregnant daughter in law asked

Is your mother Doctor Josephine Flynn


Answered yes

You’re my second cousin

Onlooker said

Oh the dowager gasped

Go fly a kite