North Adams Open Studios

Fall Flourish of the North County Art Scene

By: - Sep 25, 2006

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   The first annual North Adams Open Studios will be held on October 14-15, 2006. The event will highlight multiple exhibitions of artworks in a variety of media (painting, printmaking, photography, graphic art, sculpture, etc.) within a 'corridor' of art venues reaching along the spine of Rte. 2/Main Street from Mass MoCA to the Beaver Mill/Contemporary Artists Center with a loop to downtown North Adams via Eagle and Main streets. Over fifty artists will be exhibiting their work in studios and galleries located in the Windsor, Eclipse and Beaver mills. The work of additional artists will be represented in downtown exhibitions at Gallery 51, the Cup and Saucer, Widgitz and a centralized location (Open Space) at 107 Main Street. The Trolley service will provide visitors with transportation along the route. The event, free and open to the public, will celebrate a burgeoning community of artists who live and work in North Adams in the mills and in independent studios in the area.

-Mass MoCA will serve as a launching point for regular trolley trips along the route of exhibitions
-MCLA's Gallery 51, 51 Main St.,  Humanity: Contemporary Art of the Humane Image, seven artists who redefine the contemporary in terms of representational art, symbolism, and extraordinary beauty. Sept. 28th – October 22, 2006
-Cup and Saucer, 67 Main St., will feature the ink drawings of Peruvian artist, Jenny Smith
-Open Space, 107 Main St.,  dedicated to the work of 16 artists outside the mills and to a presentation of work from Northern Berkshire Creative Arts
-Widgitz, 17 Eagle St., showing the  Contemporary Folk Art of Daniel Field
-Windsor Mill, 121 Union St.,  featuring a group installation at Kolok Gallery, and Studio Works in painting and sculpture by Zhee Singer
-Eclipse Mill, 243 Union St., where artists lofts and art works will be open for viewing, and the
-Eclipse Mill Gallery will be showing "4 + 4", Works by Diane Sullivan, Lisa Nilsson, Linda Mieko Allen, Margaret Smithglass, Mary Therese Wright, Laura Christinsen, Sarah Amos and Claire Beaulieu
-Beaver Mill, 189 Beaver St. will also feature open lofts as well as the current exhibition at the Contemporary Artists Center, 'Off the Streets', "an immersive environment of individual and collective assemblages on and with wood, metal, glass, paper and other found objects by Josh McPhee, Billy Mode and Chris Stain."