New York Street Music

By: - Sep 29, 2014

Moon Moon Moon




Tall, hooded, draped with capes
Staff as the blind man’s cane
Knew his Prestige albums
Put money in the cup
Received sheet of poems
Became friends
Daily greeting and chat
Proposed concert at 57th Street gallery
A coop
Members agreed
Good publicity
Moondog got the gate
Met to plan
Flea bag
Greeted me without the gear
Roach infested room
Single hanging bulb for rare visitor
Canons and coffee
Watched him suit up
Man into Viking
Radio with Bob Fass
Promoting the gig
Members hung group show
They wanted exposure
His dancer friend
In costume and face paint
Moved to the beat
He on the floor
Barely visible in packed gallery
Martha Graham up front
Playing his triangular drum
Intricate time signatures
Poetic chants
My introduction
Excuse our rustic appearance
We are after all
Diamonds in the rough
Phil Bleeth just loved that
Not long after
Left New York for Mexico
Never got there